Subscription Packs stopping after October

Our popular subscription packs where subscribers receive 30 carefully curated sheets of our papers (total 250g) each month is going to stop after October.

We have had a lot of very positive customer feedback saying how enjoy reading and learning about our paper from the letter that accompanies each pack.

To be honest, the challenge has been keeping the variety offered fresh and below the 250g threshold for mail orders.  Another pain point is the delivery of the packs, some often getting folded and hence creased due to the size of post boxes.  This was particularly a problem in August during the height of Covid when the most office ran a limited service and postmen did not deliver to the door. 

We have taken all this as learning experience and will come back with a new improved service early next year.  This service connects and engages us closely with our customer community and we really enjoy that.

Finally we are excited to say that we have sent these packs to 6 overseas countries already, namely: Canada, England, the USA, India, Australia and the Netherlands.  It gives us great satisfaction to see the joy these packs bring to people around the world and then seeing their beautiful posts of what they have done with them.  

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